The Project

Action to inform - attract campers

In the context of the first work package, the Scientific Committee of the act completed the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the potential beneficiaries in the intervention areas and proceeded to determine the social-economic selection criteria of the potential beneficiaries. The members of the Scientific Committee collaborated to develop the procedures and material for the counseling actions while the social workers and mediators of the practice completed the counseling of Roma families with children of primary school age.


Preparation actions for small Roma campers

Initially, the Scientific Committee of the project, based on the results of the evaluation of action A, proceeded to finalize the lists of potential beneficiaries. At the same time, the social workers, the mediators and the trainers of the act collaborated to create the educational material for the campers’ companions, the camp staff and the children’s families. This material will then be used for each of the three experiential workshops.

Camper participation actions

In the third work package, all the procedures related to the children’s participation in the camps were completed. Afterwards, the training of the Escorts-Mediators and the staff of the three camps took place. The three camp periods are defined as follows: 31/7/2023- 14/8/2023: 20 children Tsaf-Tsuf express camp, Halkidiki, Central Macedonia 8/8/2023- 8/22/2023: 20 children Chaf Chuf Camp, Orphani Kavala, Eastern Macedonia – Thrace. 19/8/2023- 2/9/2023: 40 children The Ranch Camp, Sofiko Corinthia, Attica.


Feedback action - final report

In the last work package of the OPEN SEAS action, live group discussions of the Action Advisors with representatives of the settlements where the campers came from were carried out. The aim was to present how the camp actions were organized and implemented and to discuss and provide feedback on the experience of children and families.

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