Experiential Laboratory for the mission of Attica

On August 18th, 2023, the specialized group of social workers of the action “Open Seas – Promotion and supporting Roma children in summer camps”, in collaboration with its mediators AMKE ROMA WITHOUT BORDERS, located in the settlements of Aspropyrgos and Ilion in Athens, organized the third and last Experiential Workshop for the preparation of the young campers.


The last of the three experiential workshops of the act, was organized in a space that had been specially designed for it event and welcomed the third group of 40 children, who will be promoted to the Sofikos camp Corinthia. Earlier on the same day, the children’s parents received the equipment that AMKE had procured ROMA WITHOUT BORDERS.


During the experiential workshop, the parents received the last instructions regarding their communication with the children during the camp period, while the children repeated through games how each group will work and their daily tasks in the context of their health and safety.

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